Australia’s best and worst house landscapes

A house that has fallen on hard times could be a golden opportunity for a family looking to buy a new home.

Key points:Australia has the highest number of abandoned houses in the worldThe average age of an Australian house is 32 yearsThe average Australian house has over 100,000 square feetThe average cost of a home in Australia is about $6.4 millionThe average price of an average Australian home is $3.1 millionAustralia has an average age at which an Australian home will fall into disrepair, with the average age standing at 32 years.

And it’s not just a national issue.

In the past 10 years, more than 1,100 homes in the Northern Territory have fallen into disuse, while in Victoria the number of homes that have fallen apart has more than doubled.

And while the number falls, there are still many more homes in disrepair than there are people living in them.

The National Heritage Preservation Council has launched a competition to help get the word out about how to protect Australia’s beautiful landscapes.

The competition has been running since 2013 and is aimed at encouraging people to come up with ideas for protecting Australia’s landscape.

The winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

“The idea is to make it more accessible for people to get involved and participate in the competition, and to give them a little bit of encouragement to keep coming back,” National Heritage Conservation Council chairwoman Sue O’Connor said.

“People are excited by the challenge.”

In some ways, it’s a chance to encourage people to have a more active role in protecting our heritage.

“There’s been a lot of talk around it over the last year, but the challenge is that it’s really a very personal issue,” Ms O’Connors said.

The NSW Land Surveyor’s Association is also involved in the contest, with members representing each state and territory.

“I think the competition has really been helpful, and I think it has been good for all of us,” Land Surveyors Association executive director Paul Kilduff said.

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