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Australian homeowners are ‘shocked’ by cost of home improvement

With interest rates at a record low, many homeowners are now trying to make ends meet on the back of home improvements.While a number of homeowners are doing the basics such as installing a new garden, some are also using home improvement services such as landscaping and building walls.The cost

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Floridians face big drought, flood risk, and wildfire risks with drought, wildfire and flood warnings in FL

By TOM WATSON, AP Environmental conservationists and some Floridian farmers are worried about a big, wet spring, a dangerous drought, and the threat of wildfires.The National Weather Service in Jacksonville says it’s issuing more than 400 “extreme” weather warnings, warning of “severe flooding, extreme thunderstorms, and extreme cold.”It’s also warning

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How to make pea gravel, gardeners say

A gardener has made a cottage out of pea soil and said it is the “perfect landscape tool” for growing crops in the rainforest.The “tuttle” pea is a member of the same family as the red clover, and is used to make beds for seeds in the wild.This video is

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Acrylic landscape paintings cost less than wood and paint

With the price of oil paintings on the rise, new techniques for landscape painting are starting to appear online.It seems there are cheaper alternatives to the traditional oil painting techniques, but they are still costing more than the traditional wood and acrylic painting.The cost of a piece of acrylic landscape

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What do you think of the new mountain landscape ideas?

The first wave of landscape ideas we have seen in the past few months are the ‘mountain top’ and ‘mountainside’ designs.These designs are very simple, but do have an important effect on the overall quality of the landscape.For example, a ‘mountaide’ would include the landscape below the tree line.A ‘mountaree’

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How to Paint Your Own Landscape Source CBS News

Landscapes and landscape painting can be a fun hobby or a great way to get in touch with nature.Here are some tips to help you get started.1.Get creative.“If you want to paint a landscape, you should paint in a way that’s going to be more interesting to look at and

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