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How much would you pay for a curb appeal landscaped landscape?

I’m not the first person to think about the potential value of landscaping, and it’s a topic that’s very personal to me.But I don’t think we’ve gotten as much out of it as we should have.The landscape is an incredible asset that makes the landscape feel unique and unique to

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What’s the best way to make your home look great?

As an artist, it’s easy to forget that landscape lighting is a huge part of what makes the home look good.Here are our top tips to make it work.1.Choose a landscape artist with a good eye for lighting 1.Don’t buy a new piece of lighting just to replace a piece

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When You Need a Home Decorator

The term ‘decorator’ has been used to describe home decorators in the past.A house might be adorned with decorative elements, a bedspread might be made from reclaimed wood or recycled paper, or a bathroom might be decorated with reclaimed carpet.But this term has a different meaning when it comes to

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Which are the best landscape lights for the tropics?

When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your landscape, there’s no shortage of choices.In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 80 percent of all lighting in the United States is provided by a single source, and a new study from the American Association of Photographers (AAP) suggests that it

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I’ve made a huge mistake: The first time I tried to grow a garden

By Laura Gannon | 13 January 2018 09:07:59 I’ve been doing this for over 15 years now.But every time I try, I end up with something that looks terrible.In hindsight, this is my biggest mistake: I’ve grown a lot of plants.But I’ve always been intimidated by the task of planting

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How to get your garden planted: Tips & tricks

Gardeners are going to love the new year!Here are some tips to make the garden your new favorite place to garden!1.Pick the right plants to plant 2.Choose the right container 3.Choose a soil type to grow your garden in 4.Set the proper temperature 5.Keep your soil moist and healthy 6.Set

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Garda report shows gardaí have been ‘shirking duty’

Gardaí are shirking their duty to protect people from drug dealing by letting drug dealers roam the streets without any protective gear.Gardaí in the west of the country say they have had to enforce the rules, such as not wearing gloves and not carrying guns, to ensure the safety of

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When we grow, we lose the space we need to grow

By now, the term “green lawn” has entered our vocabulary.It is used to describe the grassy areas of a garden or lawn, and the term also refers to areas that have been reclaimed or used for agricultural purposes.In some countries, a large percentage of land in a country is reclaimed,

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