Floridians face big drought, flood risk, and wildfire risks with drought, wildfire and flood warnings in FL

By TOM WATSON, AP Environmental conservationists and some Floridian farmers are worried about a big, wet spring, a dangerous drought, and the threat of wildfires.

The National Weather Service in Jacksonville says it’s issuing more than 400 “extreme” weather warnings, warning of “severe flooding, extreme thunderstorms, and extreme cold.”

It’s also warning of drought, rising sea levels, increased wildfires and drought-related water shortages.

The forecast doesn’t include the possibility of the Florida Keys becoming flooded, but it includes an “extreme wet spring” that could cause flooding, with at least one home in a low-lying area that could flood.

The Florida Keys, which are the first and second largest U.S. coastal states, are on the verge of the worst drought in a century, according to the U.N. The region has a dry season every year, but that could change, with the rains predicted to come in March or April.

The drought is also expected to bring flooding to some areas, including Miami and Tampa.

The threat of severe flooding is being fueled by El Niño, which is typically a warmer than average Pacific ocean temperature and is a factor in hurricanes.

But it has not yet made its way to the mainland U.s. with the strongest rains so far this year.The El Niño-driven storms have also caused flooding in parts of Florida.

A record number of tornadoes were recorded this year, with three in Florida.

In the last week, at least six people have been killed in Florida, including three teenagers who were swept away in a tornado that hit a golf course in Tampa.

A severe drought is being blamed for the flooding in some parts of the state.

It could have been worse.

The U.K. has been hit with a record-breaking flood, with two million people left without power, according the British meteorological service.

Flooding is expected to be worse in the coming days and weeks.

The storm also forced some people to evacuate in the U-K.

The Met Office in England says the rain is likely to recede, with winds easing and visibility expected to improve.

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