Garda report shows gardaí have been ‘shirking duty’

Gardaí are shirking their duty to protect people from drug dealing by letting drug dealers roam the streets without any protective gear.

Gardaí in the west of the country say they have had to enforce the rules, such as not wearing gloves and not carrying guns, to ensure the safety of residents, particularly children, when dealing drugs.

Gerry Daly, the Garda Commissioner, has repeatedly said that Garda officers are not required to carry guns because they have the authority to carry them.

But a report by a local garda group said there was a growing perception that the Gardai are “shirping their duty” by not doing more to stop drug dealers.

“The gardai are not carrying firearms but they are not enforcing any firearms laws.

They are shunning their duty,” said Gerard Smyth, a member of the community group.”

This is not just a problem for gardai but also for the community.

This is the problem that the community is facing.”

Gardai are scared to death.

They’re scared to walk into a street and to be on the street and not see anyone with a gun.

They feel intimidated by it and they feel it is a crime to walk on the streets in the first place.”‘

People feel they’re not safe’The report found that while drug dealers were being allowed to roam freely, people were still being “shrouded” in the protection of Garda cars.”

People are fearful that they will be caught in the crossfire of the drug dealers, because they feel they are no longer safe in their homes and they are scared of being caught in a shootout,” it said.

Garry O’Connell, the chairman of the Community Garda Group, said that he had “grave concerns” about the Gardaicí’ response to the drug dealing problem.”

We’re really worried about the situation and we have concerns that are shared by a number of the groups that have been contacted by garda representatives.

“It is not the job of the Gardáí to protect the public from crime, it is their job to protect members of the public,” he said.

“What’s the solution?

The answer is for the Gardí to do more, not less, to help the community.”‘

I am afraid for my life’The group, which was formed in 2014, is now advocating for the creation of a new force to tackle drug dealing.

“I think the problem is the Gardasí have no intention of taking on drug dealers and there’s no plan to do that,” said Mr O’Connor.

“They are not going to enforce drugs laws but we want to change that and we want a Garda to be an agent of change.”

The group wants the Gardi to be given more powers to enforce drug laws, to carry firearms and to work with other communities to tackle the problem.

Mr Smyth said that the report was “shocking” that there were so many problems in the country.

“Drug dealing is a big problem.

The problem with drugs is we’ve got a problem with money and we’ve had to deal with money issues and we are dealing with drug dealing now in Ireland,” he added.”

But what’s going on in our community is the people feel they’ve not been protected and they’re afraid to go out and buy drugs and to buy drugs from anyone, they feel like they are at risk.”

There is no sense of security for people to go and buy their drugs from their mates.

There’s no sense that there is a problem in our society.

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