How much is it worth to design a new house in the United States?

The landscape architect in the US may be earning a living but many of her colleagues are not.

A new survey by the Landscape Architect’s Association (LAAA) reveals that the average salary for landscape architects in the country is only $46,000 per year.

The survey found that in 2015, the average income for a landscape architect was $55,000.

However, the LAAA also found that only 13% of landscape architects are union members.

The union representing landscape architects and the state of California have recently agreed to negotiate a contract.

However, there is still a huge gap between the salaries paid to landscape architects, and the salaries earned by the US workforce.

The LAAA survey found the median income of a landscape architecture graduate was $64,500.

The median income for landscape landscape architecture graduates was $54,000 in 2015.

In contrast, the median salary for a general architect is $77,600.

The salary gap is wider than it is in many other fields, like engineering, computer science and healthcare, according to the LAAA.

A study by the American Institute of Architects found that landscape architects make $78,000, a difference of around $50,000 between landscape architecture and general architects.

The average salary of a general architecture graduate in the UK is $89,000 and the median of a graduate in Canada is $87,000.(Image credit: AIT)The LAA also found the average annual salary of landscape architecture students is $63,600 in the USA, but the median is $56,000 across the globe.

This gap is even wider in the EU, where the median salaries for landscape architecture are higher than in the rest of the EU.

In the UK, the survey found landscape architects earned the same median income as general architecture graduates.

However the average graduate was earning $79,800 in the year ending December 2015.

The median salary of an architect in France is $82,000; in Germany it is $86,000 whereas in the Netherlands, it is less than $65,000 a year.

In France, a landscape project could take a decade to complete.

In Germany, the typical project takes around three years.

In a report by the Architectural Review of New York in March, the authors of the study said that the majority of landscape projects are still in the conceptual stage.

The researchers found that the number of projects completed is low, as the majority projects require a lot of coordination between the architect and the architect’s client.

“The current landscape architecture system relies heavily on collaborative project management,” the authors said.

“The traditional landscape architecture model of project management is based on a ‘best of breed’ approach, which is a flawed model that has limited scope and flexibility to ensure that projects are completed as quickly as possible.”

The authors said that although the landscape architecture profession has grown in recent years, there are still many problems to overcome.

The report noted that many landscape architects have little experience in landscape design.

It also said that many of the profession’s biggest challenges lie in the cost of living and in the lack of skilled labour.

The Association of Landscape Architects (ALA) is a not-for-profit organisation which represents landscape architects.

In 2016, the association was founded to encourage and support the profession.

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