How to find a great landscape painting idea

A new study has found that landscape painting can be as much a creative act as it is an art form.

While it’s no secret that many artists use landscape painting to explore their creative ideas, there’s a lot of debate over whether it’s the best way to get your ideas out there and into the world.

But the new study suggests that painting can also be a creative process.

“We found that while it’s not the best artistic practice, landscape painting was actually the best art form,” said study author Emily Haney, a PhD candidate at the University of Southern California.

Haney and her co-authors say the finding is evidence that landscape art can be a powerful artistic tool, which could help artists reach a wider audience.

“Art is about connecting with the viewer and the audience and that is not just for people who are just looking for something to do,” Haney said.

The study, published in the Journal of Communication Arts, looked at 1,000 landscape paintings from 50 countries, as well as a few more paintings that were created using traditional techniques, such as oil painting.

It found that people who were drawn to the landscape paintings were more likely to have a good sense of humor, had a positive attitude and had more empathy.

“People were more inclined to have fun, and they were more interested in what people had to say, and that really appealed to us,” Haneys said.

“If we were looking for a place to work out our creative ideas or a way to express our ideas, that’s the kind of thing that we should be doing.”

While Haney says there are plenty of opportunities for painting on the web, most of the art available is limited to print, which is what she and her colleagues are looking for in the future.

“I’m really looking forward to finding out how people are using their time and creativity on their digital canvas,” Hanes said.

This article was first published by The Conversation.

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