How to Get Into the Best Sports Fans in Italy

By Mark Zaleski | The Associated PressMore than 200,000 fans flocked to Rome’s Pliocene Park on Saturday for a giant carnival to celebrate the return of a popular sports festival.

The Pliomais is a four-day festival in honor of the ancient Roman deity Bacchus, whose face was often depicted on stone sculptures.

Bacchus is one of the most popular sports heroes of antiquity.

His statue is seen in Rome’s streets every year.

The festival also honors the first two athletes to cross the finish line in Olympic events.

This year’s carnival was the first time the festival has been held in a place other than Pliomas.

People can still enter the park, but they must go through a separate entrance.

People dressed in traditional Italian clothing, such as traditional Italian clothes, were expected to walk through a series of security checkpoints in a park known for its carnival and its art exhibits.

Many were dressed in formal attire, but many wore traditional clothes as well, including traditional Roman clothing and traditional Italian music.

A crowd of about 200,001 people, who numbered in the hundreds of thousands, were able to enter the stadium for the annual Pliomeans, or Carnival of the Dead, which has been a tradition in Italy for hundreds of years.

The carnival usually takes place on the first day of the carnival season, and it was the largest crowd yet.

Some spectators wore traditional Italian attire and some sported traditional Roman costumes.

Organizers were concerned about safety and security, but the park’s security guards had been trained to deal with such events.

They were wearing traditional Italian costumes and were taking precautions against any risks of violence.

The stadium has become a place for people to go and celebrate, but organizers were worried about the security.

The park was packed with people, some carrying large bags, as if they were trying to find a parking space, said Paolo Mazzola, the festival’s festival director.

People were gathered on the stadium’s north end and were walking around, chatting and talking.

They were in the park at the same time, but people were separated from each other, Mazzolo said.

There was no tension between them.

People took pictures and video, and there were many videos, including one of a group of people talking and laughing, Mizzola said.

It was very relaxing.

A group of about 40 people was walking past, and they were wearing a traditional Roman costume, Muzzola said, as they passed by.

People were smiling, smiling.

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