How to get your garden planted: Tips & tricks

Gardeners are going to love the new year!

Here are some tips to make the garden your new favorite place to garden!


Pick the right plants to plant 2.

Choose the right container 3.

Choose a soil type to grow your garden in 4.

Set the proper temperature 5.

Keep your soil moist and healthy 6.

Set a water source for your garden 7.

Use mulch and compost 8.

Choose plants that can be easily transported outdoors 9.

Plant the right trees to get rid of pesky weeds 10.

Keep the sun out for maximum sun exposure 11.

Grow your plants in a sunny location 12.

Get rid of weeds with your favorite fertilizer and compost 13.

Check the soil for any water erosion 14.

Make sure your garden is planted in a well-drained area 15.

Keep out weeds and disease that can cause plant damage and disease 16.

Keep weeds at bay by adding new plants to your garden 17.

Keep water and nutrients flowing 18.

Plant in the spring or summer 19.

Plant a tree in the garden to prevent weeds from growing in your garden 20.

Keep plants healthy and happy with a variety of plants to suit your personal taste 21.

Keep soil moist for the best soil quality 22.

Keep a garden full of plants and plants will flourish 23.

Plant plants for maximum yield 24.

Plant roots in your soil to make sure they grow well 25.

Plant with soil that will hold moisture and nutrients 26.

Use compost for extra nutrients and soil amendments 27.

Use an organic soil and a compost mix to make a well balanced soil mix 28.

Add compost to your soil 29.

Plant compost around your garden to keep your garden green 30.

Choose organic, natural or non-organic soil 31.

Add organic mulch around your home to keep weeds at a distance 32.

Keep plant debris from getting into your garden 33.

Keep compost and soil moist in the summer by placing it around your plants 34.

Plant trees to prevent trees from taking over your garden 35.

Plant small shrubs and small trees to protect your garden from invasive plants 36.

Plant an organic vegetable garden for maximum soil health 37.

Plant your favorite plants around your house to help prevent pests 38.

Grow a garden that is safe for children 39.

Plant on your patio to protect from the elements 40.

Plant seeds for your plants 41.

Add mulch to your home or place mulch on a patio to prevent tree roots from getting tangled 42.

Plant shrubs or trees near your house for a dense garden 43.

Plant around your yard to prevent pests 44.

Add a greenhouse to your patio for shade 45.

Place your garden plants on your roof to provide shade in the winter and shade in summer 46.

Keep it simple with a single plant and a pot 47.

Plant more than one garden in a single house 48.

Keep humidity low and keep the soil moist at all times 49.

Make the garden a place to grow food for yourself and others 50.

Plant vegetables and herbs around your homes for a healthy garden 51.

Plant fruits, vegetables and other crops around your farm to get healthy and nutritious 52.

Plant flowers, fruits, herbs and other plants to help keep the garden in bloom 53.

Add water and nutrient to your water to keep plants healthy 54.

Use a fertilizer to prevent mold and fungus 55.

Use fertilizer to control water pollution 56.

Plant crops that can feed your family 57.

Plant mulch in your backyard to keep pests out 58.

Plant plantings to help protect your plants 59.

Set out a spot for your plantings in the front yard for a beautiful garden 60.

Add plants around the house to make your home more eco friendly 61.

Add fruit trees to your yard for more shade and better shade 62.

Plant perennials that are drought-resistant and will last a long time 63.

Plant perennial shrubs to make you more drought-tolerant 64.

Use herbs or roots to keep insects at bay 65.

Plant herbs and vegetables around your place to keep bugs at bay 66.

Use natural mulch for the perfect soil condition for your soil 67.

Use organic soil to keep a garden clean and green 68.

Use plastic containers for your compost for easy storage 69.

Add soil to the soil to prevent roots from growing into the soil 70.

Plant or plant a garden on a hill or hillside to keep the water from getting muddy 71.

Plant seedlings to create a garden in your front yard 72.

Plant some vegetables in your yard or garden for extra variety 73.

Plant organic vegetables around the home to get a better taste 74.

Plant at least one plant on every street corner 75.

Plant flowering plants to prevent pest problems 76.

Plant edible plants around each home to give your home a fresh garden 77.

Plant fruit trees and shrubs around your property for a vibrant garden 78.

Plant flower plants around you for more beauty 79.

Plant and water plants that grow well 80.

Plant water and fertilizer around your kitchen and yard 81.

Plant wildflowers around your living space to help make

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