How to keep your home in the sun for a month

In the sun, it’s possible to paint your home red or orange.

In the shade, it can be yellow or black.

But a new study finds the color of the surface paint you put on your home can also change as you age.

For instance, the color and texture of the paint on your patio can change from green to brown or even black.

The researchers at the University of Washington found this phenomenon by using a color camera on an automated camera.

When they recorded the images, they found the paint color and the surface texture of different types of surfaces changed with age.

So, what does this mean for homeowners in your backyard?

First, you probably shouldn’t put too much paint on the patio or garden you’re living in.

It will make the patio look like a giant green canvas.

Second, keep in mind that you should avoid putting paint on a roof or window.

That will also make your home look like an orange canvas.

In your backyard, you’ll likely see paint that has a yellow-brown hue.

But this may not be the case for the other colors you see in the study.

This is because the researchers weren’t able to determine what the color is of the paints in a lot of different areas.

For example, the researchers didn’t test the color for a few other colors that are common in green paint, like red, blue, and yellow.

The colors they tested were also not visible in the images of different surface textures.

In fact, the scientists found that a lot more paint is used to paint the ground and in the water around your home than is used for outdoor decorations.

The result: the more paint you use, the more likely you are to see changes in the color, texture, and even paint color.

If you are interested in learning more about aging, check out the video above.

You can also get a free report from our sister publication, Living the Dream: The Benefits of the Living the Way You Love.

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