How to remove a drought-damaged tree in a single week

How to clear out the mess that has been left by a drought in your own garden.

The gardeners have long been frustrated by a lack of rain and a shortage of nutrients, but now the drought-stricken state of Western Australia is experiencing its worst conditions in decades.ABC News Breakfast has learned that a small number of trees are thriving in some gardens in Western Australia’s drought-battered state.

Key points:The trees, which include a rare and endangered species, are thriving as a result of drought-free periodsThe trees were removed as part of a public awareness campaignThe plants were planted in the early part of the season in the city of Port Douglas, in the state’s south-east, but the trees have grown quickly and now are part of local community gardens.

“The plants are thriving, they’re not only healthy but they’re very productive,” says Dr Kate Wood, a climate change specialist with the Australian Institute of Water Resources.

“We’re seeing them growing through the season, so they’re already flourishing and are going into some of the community gardens.”

In some areas, there have been dramatic increases in the numbers of plants, she says.

“These are not just trees, but a number of different plants, like red and black spruce and fescue.”

Dr Wood says the growth of the trees is also helping the environment.

“Some of them are producing carbon dioxide and the carbon is being released into the atmosphere,” she says, adding that the growth also has a negative impact on the soil.

“They’re helping the soil retain nutrients in it and hold moisture.”

Dr Woody agrees.

“If we’re not careful, they’ll start to rot away,” she said.

“A lot of the rain that we’re getting in is just runoff that’s just being washed off into the streams and rivers.”

Dr Woods is now encouraging people to plant trees to help the environment and encourage them to take responsibility for the environment in their own backyard.

“I’d like to think that there is some level of responsibility that the person who is growing the tree and it’s growing is doing their part,” she explains.

“There is an awareness of what they’re doing, and they have to take that into account, but also that they have some responsibility for what they do.”

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