Indian landscape design ‘crowd-funding’ is on its way to the US

Indian landscape designers and artists have been using crowdfunding platforms to help raise money for their designs.

Here’s how to start.

The idea came about after a visit to New York, where a group of landscape architects from India met up with the US-based landscape designer Roberta Deen.

The architects realised that people would flock to these places for a different reason than for a typical trip to the Alps or the Alps, said Vikram Pandey, who heads the design-design-design team at the firm.

“They have a lot of love for nature, and they want to see that as a way of expressing themselves,” he said.

“People want to be inspired by nature, but not necessarily go there to spend money.”

The firm, called Pigeon Point, has raised over $1.8 million through the Indiegogo platform.

The funds will be used to design a landscape for the city of Boulder, Colorado, that will be part of the Boulder Botanical Gardens, and will be completed in time for the upcoming Rocky Mountain Conference in 2019.

The aim is to help fund the design and finish work on the Boulder landscape.

The project is being spearheaded by Vikram Kothari, who was born and raised in Bengaluru and has spent years in the US and India working on landscape design projects.

Kothari said he and his team had spent several years researching the landscape and planning the Boulder project, and had a very clear vision of how it would be used.

“It was a natural fit to do this for Boulder,” he explained.

The Boulder landscape is a mix of natural and man-made landscapes.

“We wanted to make it more of a landscape where the natural world meets the human world,” he added.

“The Boulder is a natural city.

There is a lot more natural beauty in the city than in other places in the state.”

The landscape will also be built with a mixture of natural, synthetic and synthetic materials.

The team said the design team wanted to use a mix that was environmentally friendly and that reflected the natural beauty of the landscape.

“We wanted this landscape to have an air of the natural, with a very gentle feel to it,” said Vikrama Pandey.

“A combination of natural materials, synthetic materials, and artificial materials.”

Pigeon point said the landscape will be a series of gardens in the Boulder Valley.

They plan to add more gardens in and around Boulder in the coming years.

The designs will be based on a combination of the nature and human world.

The project has been funded by a number of companies including Redwood Tree Farm, a New York City-based company that manages over 4,000 trees, and the Boulder Foundation, a charitable foundation that supports the arts, culture and heritage of Boulder.

It is currently being managed by Vikrama Kothar.

The company is not yet planning on starting work on its Boulder landscape yet.

The design team has set a goal of completing the Boulder-based project by the end of 2018.

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