Landscape bushes: What to do when a bush is in your yard

A new book, called Landscape Buddies, has been launched by a local gardener who says she has had to use a different bush twice to get rid of an invasive species.

The book is being launched by local garder Katie Macdonald, who works for the Greenways Trust, a non-profit organisation that works to conserve natural areas.

“The gardeners are using a whole new variety of tools to remove invasive species,” Ms Macdonald told the ABC.

“They’ve had to go to different places to find these little bits of the trees.”

Ms Macdon said she was using the latest weed-control technology, which includes “biodegradable” products, such as a brush, in her own gardens.

“There’s a new tool called ‘green-tape’ which allows you to clean the bush with a brush and you can also use it to remove soil particles.”

The book, which she launched with a group of other gardeners at a garden show in the NSW Hunter Valley, has already attracted over 500 reviews on Amazon. “

We are getting the new technology out there and it’s all being used to eradicate invasive species.”

The book, which she launched with a group of other gardeners at a garden show in the NSW Hunter Valley, has already attracted over 500 reviews on Amazon.

Ms Macby said the book’s aim was to encourage gardeners to “learn more about the nature around us”.

“We’ve got some beautiful bush that’s been in the garden for years and we’ve been wanting to try and use that for some really good garden-related activities, like planting fruit trees and shrubs and things like that,” Ms Mcdonald said.

The books “landscape Buddys” is a collection of ideas for how to use bush, including “a good way to remove the leaves from your plants”, “a quick and easy way to spray water in the ground” and “a great way to help keep your bush free of weeds”.

Ms Macbies book is also about the impact of invasive species in nature, which can have a negative impact on human health and wellbeing.

“It’s really about learning how to work together with nature to manage and control things,” Ms MacDonald said.

Ms McGwany said the advice she received from the book was invaluable.

“When you read through this book it gives you all sorts of ideas to think about.

I really feel it’s a really good place to start,” she said.

Landscape Friends Australia, an organisation that organises local gardening events, has also endorsed the book.

“You can’t avoid the impact that invasive species can have on ecosystems and our biodiversity,” executive director of Landscape Friend Australia, Chris Haines, said.

He said many of the tips were useful, but there were also suggestions to reduce the number of invasive plants in your garden.

“Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it will always be the best thing to do,” Mr Hained said.

Mr Hains said the books aims to raise awareness of how plants could be a tool for sustainable agriculture and conservation.

“If you have any questions, just ask them,” he said.

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