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Why can’t I just go to the beach?

It’s an argument made by some people with whom the sea is not their first destination.But there’s also a growing number of people who feel it is.They say the sea’s beauty and serenity is a gift from God, that it’s the best way to enjoy the ocean, and that it

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How to Get Your Hands On This Artful Landscape Trailer – It’s A Real Beauty

Here’s an awesome trailer for an upcoming Italian landscape painting.The work by Italian painter Angelo da Vinci is on display at the Museo dell’Anno di Roma and features some stunning and impressive views of the cityscape.The film is called “L’Aquamana del Palazzo della Materia della Palazzonia” and it’s directed by

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The Hill: Trump and Russia: How much do we know?

The Hill’s politics team is made up of reporters and editors who cover a range of issues, from national security to foreign policy.Here are five of the top stories on Capitol Hill in 2017.

‘I’d love to have a family’: I’d love a family of my own

By Mark WahlbergI’ve got three kids and two grandkids.They’re my family, I’m sure of that.But I also have three kids who are going to be going through something very tough.I’ve had to learn that I don’t have to be perfect all the time.I’m lucky.I don.I love to laugh and I

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Modern landscape design from Cali’s Cali-based landscape design team

The Cali landscape design company’s latest project, a large-scale landscape design project in the city of Cali, has been completed.The project aims to create a cityscape with “modern urbanism”.The cityscape will consist of a variety of buildings, as well as an extensive pedestrian and cycling network.The new project, which was

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Why you need to take a look at our drought tolerant landscape

With all the new rain and water coming into the US and the state of California, many people are now taking steps to help their garden plants survive.The grass is starting to grow and is producing a lot of beautiful blooms, but it isn’t growing to the same size as

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Landscape bushes: What to do when a bush is in your yard

A new book, called Landscape Buddies, has been launched by a local gardener who says she has had to use a different bush twice to get rid of an invasive species.The book is being launched by local garder Katie Macdonald, who works for the Greenways Trust, a non-profit organisation that

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What to expect from a new beach in Hawaii?

The beach in Waimea, Hawaii, is getting some new life.The city has signed a $1 million contract with the island nation of Kauai for a new recreational area, the Waimeakua Beach Conservancy announced Wednesday.The project will be the first in the island’s history to include a large swimming pool.The park

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