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Water flowing from lake at Sriharikota in India to be diverted

An irrigation canal at Srihikota, a river in Kerala state, has been diverted for cleaning, a senior official of the State Water Supply Board (SWSB) said on Wednesday.The water flowing from the irrigation canal has reached the village of Mysuru and has reached nearby villages, which are already receiving it.The

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How to make a privacy landscaping landscape using your phone

What to do when your smartphone gets covered in a greenish-brown layer of paint and it makes you want to pull out your phone and check it out?This is the problem we’re all facing now, and we’re just going to have to find a way to avoid it, at least

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How to decorate a Christmas tree

It’s the season of the Christmas tree, but what does the holiday have to do with your home?The word Christmas derives from the Latin word for “Christmas” and comes from a celebration of the season.There are thousands of Christmas traditions across the world, but the tradition of Christmas is still

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‘Greenleaf’ sign in Greenleaf, Ohio, now vandalized

GREENHELL, Ohio — A vandal has painted over a greenleaf sign in the Ohio city of Greenleaf.The sign was placed on the sidewalk in front of the Greenleaf Farmers Market, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety.The sign is located in front on a large greenleaf tree.No one was

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Christmas landscape around trees – cutting edge design ideas

In 2016, the city of Manchester, England, decided to give some Christmas trees the traditional treatment, and install them in its city centre.The city council decided to do this because of a lack of tree planting around trees. “A lot of people don’t know how to plant trees,” said Mark Wahlberg,

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When you need a fresh Christmas tree to decorate in your garden

When you think of the best Christmas tree decorations you could get in your home, you may think of a simple and simple solution: you can grow a tree, but what if you didn’t have the time or space to get it in the ground?That’s exactly what some people are

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When Will I Be Loved?

When I first learned about my love, I was confused.I didn’t know what to make of it.I had no clue how to say “I love you” and then go on a journey with myself.When I started to feel the way I did, it was as if I was reborn, a

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Why are people drawn to architecture?

I have to say that the question of why people are drawn to buildings is one that’s always been a puzzle for me.My fascination with architecture began as a child, and my interest in architecture, as an undergraduate, really began when I first started reading about architecture in books, and

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3 kids rescued after being left behind at high-risk school

Three children have been rescued from an abandoned playground at a high-profile New South Wales high school, authorities said on Wednesday.Key points:A high school teacher at the school was found unconscious on Sunday, after the school’s principal called for assistanceThere are more than 1,400 children in the school, with a

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