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When it rains, steel goes to the dogs

The steel landscape is dying.The world has forgotten how to build anything and how to live with the consequences of its failure.The problem is, when the steel is gone, the rest of the world gets a different idea of what to do.“What we see in this area is a failure

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What’s the best way to make your home look great?

As an artist, it’s easy to forget that landscape lighting is a huge part of what makes the home look good.Here are our top tips to make it work.1.Choose a landscape artist with a good eye for lighting 1.Don’t buy a new piece of lighting just to replace a piece

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When is the next snow?

On Sunday, we’ll find out whether you can drive across the NSW north-east on a snow-free weekend. As well as the usual drizzle and snow, the Sunshine Coast, Coffs Harbour and the Blue Mountains will also be without snow for two weeks. But it’s the Northern Territory that will have the heaviest

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Why I’m a Landscape Architect for $2,500

A new landscape architect salary range has been announced by an Australian company called SteelLandscape.They’ve released a list of their top earners, which include an Architect salary range that has them making around $2.50 per hour.While the list does not include any specific salary ranges, the average Architect salary in

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How to install a lava rock garden on your property

How to Install a Lava Rock Garden on Your Property Lava rock garden can be a natural extension of your lawn or garden.The earth is soft, and can be dug out with the help of a garden tool, but you can also do it yourself, using a garden hose.This video

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