The ‘Honeymoon’ of the Indian Landscape in the New Year

Jammu and Kashmir, the state of the northern state of Haryana, is in the middle of its annual honeymoon period, the capital of which is in Jammu.

As the honeymoon lasts till February 3, the land that was once considered to be an exclusive private property of the British crown has been turned into an open, open-air garden for the entire population of Jammu to enjoy.

It is the second time that Jammu has been made a garden in honour of its people.

In 2017, the city of Lahore in Pakistan, which has been home to a sizeable community of Hindu farmers and artisans, was given the same honor.

Jammu is also known for its cultural heritage, which is celebrated in many ways.

It is also the only state in India that allows the celebration of the birthday of the founder of the Jain sect of Hinduism, Lord Jagannath, with a public event.

The capital of J&J landscaping company, a joint venture of two Indian companies, has set up its own Garden in honour.

“The J&JJ company is in charge of the Garden.

The city has become an open-Air Garden, where the entire city can enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants.

The entire city is happy to be given the opportunity to enjoy this garden,” said Anushree Kothari, head of the company.

The company is offering two types of tickets, one for one year and another for a whole year.

The tickets are valid for three years from the date of booking, but the company is also offering two tickets for three months.

The price for the two tickets ranges from Rs 1,500 to Rs 5,000.

“We are not charging any tax.

We are providing the service to the city and the state,” said Kothar.

The flowers and trees have been planted with flowers and fruits from the city’s fruit trees, as well as from various other areas.

“This is a first in India.

It gives a sense of unity among the city people, who are all working towards one goal,” said Rajesh, a resident of the city.

He added that the flowers are all free to the residents.

The garden is also one of the best-known in the state.

“Our gardens are very popular in the city as they attract lots of people.

We have given flowers and other plants to the people to make the garden feel more alive and festive,” said Roshan, a garden gardener.

“Every year, there are thousands of people from the entire state coming to the garden,” he added.

Kothar said that the garden has been the first in the country to have flowers placed in the centre of the garden.

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