What are the best backyards for your family?

By the end of the summer, you should have the most up-to-date list of best back yards. 

The best back yard is determined by factors like climate, size, and how much space is left.

And it’s a great place to keep the kids entertained, which is the key to keeping your house livable.

Here are some of the best choices for kids who want to keep things fresh and colorful.1.

An open lawn or backyard with a back fence and lots of play area2.

A large open field or playground3.

An urban backyard4.

A small back yard with plenty of play space5.

An outdoor play area6.

An enclosed back yard7.

An alleyway with a patio8.

A backyard with lots of shade and a tree-lined path9.

A park or other open space with a yard, playground, or tennis court10.

A back yard that is a lot smaller than the other options. 


A spacious open play space. 


An area with lots to play in13.

An indoor or outdoor garden or patio14.

An outdoors play area.15.

An active space that has a play space for kids and lots for adults to do their homework.16.

An all-inclusive outdoor play yard with play surfaces, water, shade, and lots to use as a playground. 


An acreage with a large back yard. 


An overgrown back yard without play areas. 


An expansive, open back yard filled with play areas, trees, and a river. 


An off-leash, dog-friendly back yard, with lots for kids to play on the beach, in the water, or at the park. 


An ideal back yard for a kid who loves a big backyard. 


An out-of-the-way area for kids in the middle of nowhere. 


An abandoned back yard to keep kids and parents entertained. 


A place where kids can have fun on the lawns and have their own yard.25.

An environment that’s safe for dogs to run around and play on. 26.

An easy-to–get to place where a back yard or backyard is perfect for a child to have a good time. 


An easily accessible back yard where kids will be able to go to when they’re tired. 


An appropriate place to set up a playground for kids. 


A home where you can be a part of the fun while keeping it safe for your kids.30.

A space for a backyard garden with a play area for all ages. 


A quiet space where you and your family can get to know one another and work together on a fun project. 


An informal outdoor play space where your kids can play and have fun. 


An amazing place to get outside and have a nice time, and where your family will have fun too. 


An outside playground where you will feel comfortable with the environment. 


A beautiful, open backyard where you are welcome to have fun, and you can set up your own play area and playground to build up your garden. 


An entire acreage that is suitable for growing your own vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other garden goods. 


An abundance of play opportunities, with play equipment, shade trees, a pond, and plenty of water. 


A wonderful place to relax with a great meal or get to see all your favorite sights. 


An awesome back yard you can get outside for some outdoor play and enjoy the cool, breezy air. 


An old-fashioned, open-air play yard.


An excellent place to build a beautiful patio.


An extremely large backyard that is ideal for a group of kids to spend time together. 


An impressive back yard and open play area that has everything you need to get started. 


An incredible, open play yard and an incredible, outdoor play zone.


An inviting, indoor outdoor play room.


An elegant, open, and spacious back yard in a historic neighborhood that you can relax in for some play.


An exceptional back yard perfect for children who love to run or play in the grass.


An innovative, open playground, with a beautiful, lush green garden for kids, and an outdoor play facility.


An adventure playground for older kids and a backyard that is well-loved by adults.


An outstanding backyard with plenty for adults and children to play together.


An incredibly open, expansive back yard featuring a pond and a pool. 


An adorable, indoor play area with plenty to do. 53.

An imaginative

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