Which NFL coaches are best landscapers?

In what could be considered the first major league league survey, the NFL surveyed 1,700 team employees to ask them to rate the quality of their own or their team’s landscaping.

The survey asked for opinions about whether they would be happier with their landscaping if they had access to the resources that the team had available, such as access to a landscaping contractor or contractor who had a professional landscaping background.

The league also asked staff to rate their relationship with their team, and whether they were happier if they worked for the team or not.

The poll was conducted by PWC, which is owned by the league, in partnership with ProPublica.

PWC surveyed employees at all levels of the league from players and coaches to team owners and franchise presidents.

The poll included questions about the type of landscaping they wanted, whether the landscaping was done by a professional or a contractor, how long it took, and how many employees worked for a specific contractor.

The company also asked about the cost of the landscaper and the length of time it took to finish the job.

“We found that landscaping is a great opportunity to grow and improve relationships between employees, partners, and our business, and this survey provides a clear snapshot of how the league’s landscapers perceive the relationship with the franchise they work for,” said David Smith, executive vice president of corporate communications for the league.

“The data shows that the relationship is not only a positive one, but one that is growing and improves each year.”

The NFL surveyed more than 10,000 employees across all levels and across different industries, including retail, hospitality, sports, and hospitality and catering.

PWA is the division of the NFL that manages the league-owned media contracts and the league awards television contracts.

The NFL declined to provide an estimate of how many of its players and staff were surveyed.

The results of the survey will be made public later this year, and the NFL’s executive vice presidents and executive VP of communications, Chris Mortensen, and PWA chief operating officer, David Smith will release a summary of the results to the media.

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