Which plants do you want to get rid of next?

With so many green plants available for sale, and all of them at prices you can afford, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of plants that are currently on sale.

Here are some of our favourite plant choices to keep around and what to look out for when it comes to how you choose to use them.1.

Green Thistle: This common shrub will make a wonderful addition to any garden.

It will offer a light shade for the ground, which will add some shade to your home.

Green thistle will also make an excellent addition to your landscaping for the green and purple tones of your home, as they are very drought resistant and offer a natural, healthy balance of water and nutrients to your plants.2.

Blue Hibiscus: Blue Hibiskas are a great choice for indoor or outdoor gardens as they have a very high water retention capacity, are drought tolerant and are very easy to water.

They also provide a lovely contrast in your garden with their vibrant colours and light green foliage.3.

Pomegranate: Pomegras are an attractive plant that are a native to South America.

They have lovely foliage and are extremely drought tolerant.

They are easy to grow indoors or outdoors, although they can be hardy to some extent, which is why they are one of the more difficult plants to grow in the UK.4.

Yellow Pome: Yellow Pomes are one or two years old, so are a very easy plant to care for, especially if you have the space.

They can be a bit hardy and they do need to be watered regularly.5.

Plumeria: This beautiful flower is one of those plants that really capture your attention.

It is a true, natural rose with a lovely yellow petal and beautiful foliage.

This plant also needs to be kept cool, as it has very low water retention and needs a cool, dry place to grow.6.

Yellow Fiddletail: A perennial, these yellow fiddlers will produce flowers that last for several years and produce a lovely, fragrant scent.

If you are looking to add some colour to your garden, this is a great plant to try as they offer some colour without the added water.7.

Green Potted Citrus: This is one plant that is so popular and is a natural addition to our garden.

Its easy to see why, as this is an attractive and very drought tolerant plant.

It can be grown indoors or out, so it can be used for both a garden and a home.8.

Red Lettuce: A great addition to a garden, its easy to find these red lettuce plants.

These are beautiful and easy to care, so if you are keeping an indoor garden, these plants are a natural choice.9.

Purple Lettuces: A favourite of home gardeners, purple lettuces are very popular with the gardener as they produce a beautiful, purple flower.

These lettles are also drought resistant, so they can tolerate the effects of drought.10.

Red Fern: Red Ferns are also a popular choice for gardeners as they provide a great contrast in shade and colour, so you can be sure that they will be a popular addition to the landscape.11.

Orange Lettice: Orange lettices are also very popular, and this is one to add to any landscape.

The orange lettice is also drought tolerant, so its a great option to keep your garden looking and smelling lovely.12.

Red Fennel: The colour and shade of red fennel is so much more attractive than orange, and if you want some contrast, you can add this plant to your landscape.13.

Red Tulip: This plant is also a very popular choice as it is drought tolerant as well as being a drought resistant plant.

This one is also very drought intolerant, so this plant is best kept away from the sun.14.

Rosemary: Rosemary is a very common choice in garden plants, and is extremely drought resistant as well.

It also offers a lovely floral fragrance, so there is no need to worry about it becoming too overpowering.15.

Cucumber: This vegetable is a perennial, so when it is in season, you will find that it is already well in season.

Cukes are also great additions to your gardens as these cukes have a vibrant red colour and a lovely fragrance, which can complement your garden.16.

Sagebrush: Sagebrushes are easy plants to plant and will produce a wonderful, vibrant colour.

They do require regular watering, so make sure that you keep your plants moist to prevent root rot.17.

Sageflower: This lovely plant is one that you will definitely want to keep on hand for any time of the year.

It has a beautiful red flower and is drought resistant.18.

Black Lilies: This perennial is a little bit harder to grow, but it is still very easy

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