Why did the British decide to plant a few more trees in the US?

The British planted a few hundred trees in North America before the 19th century, mostly in New England.

They were there for about half a century.

But then, in the 19c century, they decided to plant more.

And more trees meant more trees.

The UK has planted more than 20 million trees, and that figure is expected to rise.

Some people call it the ‘British miracle’, but the British have always planted a lot more than that.

They’ve always had a good history, but they’ve always planted some trees.

They planted them to give themselves some breathing space.

And they’ve planted them for other reasons, too.

The most obvious reason is that the US has a much lower tree mortality rate than the UK.

That’s because it’s the warmest climate in the world.

But there are also other factors, too, including that the UK’s population is lower.

So they’re planting trees to reduce their risk of being burned.

This is why they tend to be larger.

And trees that are smaller in diameter are more susceptible to fire, because that’s the type of fire that happens more often.

It’s also why they’re planted in places that are warmer.

So it’s a combination of the climate, the population, the planting and the planting in areas where the fire danger is lower, says Professor Matthew Wansley of the University of Kent, UK.

So the UK is a good example of a country that’s really planted a bunch of trees.

That means the British planted about 5 million trees in this country.

But the other reason is because the British were not a great hunter.

They had to be.

The British weren’t as good at tracking down large game as their US counterparts.

So their forest was more likely to be eaten by wild boar or deer or other game.

So when the British decided to have trees, they had to make that decision in the early 1800s.

They didn’t have a lot of trees in their backyards and so it was an option that was attractive to the British.

And the British also didn’t want to be known as being a ‘tree-eaters’.

So they tended to be a little more careful than their US neighbours.

They tended to plant trees for other purposes, like for the local economy, for example.

It was an easier decision for the British, because the UK was the first country in the UK to have a national forest.

The forest wasn’t the only reason the UK planted trees.

There were also the benefits of the wood, too: they were less susceptible to disease and pests.

And in some ways, the trees were even better for wildlife.

As the British say: the British are the trees of the world, but we’re the trees on the other side.

So this is the first article in a series on the UK trees that the BBC is publishing every Sunday, on BBC World Service.

You can also read the rest of the series on our website, and on the BBC News website.

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